Top 5 Craziest Gambling Losses Ever

A list of the strangest gambling losses of all time. From the weirdest bets to the biggest losses.
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In this weeks top 5, we’re looking at the craziest gambling losses of all time. From the Las Vegas strip, to the online casinos, all the way back to the 19th century; people have been making bets; especially bad bets.

We’ve found out about Henry Dhabasani who bet and lost his house. Bruno Venturi who lost hundreds of thousands of euros to a Eurobet glitch. Matthew Webb who bet his life in a swim through Niagra Falls. Henry Kakavas bet and lost a moon landing worth of cash and how Terence Watanabe increased the profits of the Las Vegas Strip single-handed.

There’s tons more bad bets that have been made by people throughout history. Whenever the potential to win money is concerned, stupid things will always be prone to happening. Here we’ve tried to capture the strangest bets to the most epic bets of all time that have cause the biggest bust outs.

There’s a whole host of huge gambling losses out there. We’ve only covered a handful of the most epic bets and ridiculous busts of all time. There’s plenty more stories and legends alike of bad bets being made. Every casino has a story like it. So go and look for yourself and find some other crazy bets and losses.

We’ll be continuing to make top 5 videos and maybe in the future, we’ll cover some more insane bets. But for now, these are the best strange busts we could find.

Every week we bring you the top 5 of the biggest, strangest, worst and largest anything to do with anything in the gambling world. So remember to check in for plenty of funny list, helpful guides and reviews from the best slots and mobile casinos around.

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