Teen Mom 2’s Nova’s Styles & Beautiful Smiles

Although Nova has been let down by her father, Devoin, her mom, Briana says she is determined to “show her kids the world whether their fathers are there or not”.
Dr. Thinkenshine take a serious look at an innocent fashion choice; Nova wears a t-shirt that reads, “Stay Wild”. Although it is an innocent fashion choice, through her Governess Goggles, Dr. Thinkenshine looks at the perception of black women and girls and how we can be aware.
The highlight of the video is that although Nova has been disappointed, eventually, on a well-planned river trip–she smiles!

For entertainment purposes only.
judi Love bowman. “Peaches: Womanist Thoughts on Finding Peace, Overcoming Peril and Tapping Power”. Available at Amazon. Full video book now on Youtube/Dr. judi Online.
Theme Song: “Zuckerberg” from the album, “Foreign” by Pax Osa & O. Monroe. Used by permission. Boss Moves Records, 2020.
Set Design: judi Love bowman, The Dr. Thinkenshine Collection.