Dr Judi Online week12 Your Book: Reviews; eBook and Printed Options

Welcome to Week 12 of “Write Your Book This Year”s 20-week Guide! This week, we consider your book reviews and blurbs and your options for eBook and Printed forms of your forthcoming masterpiece.
Since America (and the world) has changed so much and since “going Green” is better for the planet, many are using the eBook option for book distribution. Each of my 10 books (including my two 20-book “Dr. Thinkenshine Series” has been made available in printed form. My 11th book, “God’s America: Revival and Hope for a United Nation” is the first book which I have distributed exclusively on Amazon.com/Kindle (eBook). It is safer for everyone and better for the planet this way–for now. With that said, please allow me to introduce my highly capable and very much appreciated 20+ -year team member in my publishing (Lovelight International Press) and writing career:
Shelley Sapyta of Baker & Talyor (Bookmasters), a publishing service and printing company. She is trustworthy, knowledgeable and super helpful, whether you are considering eBook or printed options. She gave me permission to share her contact information with each of you. I hope she will be as helpful to you as she has been to my team and me over the last two decades:

Let’s go!