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I love to review products and services. I can’t guarantee an excellent review, but I will be thankful, positive, and fair. I will review almost anything, but to give you an idea of what product, services, or experiences I tend to like, see below.

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I’m an older father who didn’t start a family until my mid forties, so I have a lot of aches and pains! My wife and (both teachers) try and live a simple, sustainable tech-savvy and eco-friendly lifestyle. We focus our middle class income on education, nature, healthy food and community. We try and create a family environment the prioritizes sustainable living with very little commerical-laden media, while also using high tech and high quality media to help us reach our goals.

Striving for these goals involves a lot of “debate” between my wife and I. She’s in charge of keeping me from exposing the family to too much technology/media exploration and study. I’m in charge of pushing to understand and learn about how to use technology’s imense power for good.

We live in a medium-sized town, in a medium sized house, on a medium income, in the small great state of Vermont. For those from afar, Vermont is located in the north east part of the United States above New York City. Every year we have Summer’s heat and humidity, Fall’s colorful leaves, Winter’s snow, ice, freezing rain, hail, sleet, flurries, nor’easters, and freezing drizzle, followed by Spring’s melt mud madness. We are surrounded by trees, rivers, lakes, fields, and mountains. Vermont is known for it’s high quality cheeses and Maple syrup, a tasty sugar liquid made from boiling down the sap that runs inside Maple trees when they are getting ready to make new leaves in the Spring.

~ Safe for families
~ Gear for families with young kids that have an older achy father
~ Electric-assist family cargo bikes and regular bike gear
~ Home improvement and lawn care
~ Exercise equipment…I need this!
~ Energy efficient, especially solar
~ Eco-friendly
~ Educational Technology products and services
~ Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, VR, MR, AR,
~ Video, audio and photo equipment for vlogging on a budget
~ Camping equipment, small pop-up RVs
~ Canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, small sailboats
~ Children’s books and books on our lifestyle choices
~ Food grown in healthy soil, eats healthy and lives healthy. Also, low sugar, sustainably sourced foods. But we have desert Fridays and aren’t draconian about only eating these kind of foods.

~ I love TubeBuddy. Here’s my affiliate link:
~ Cameras: iPhone 11. Backup is a slightly broken Canon M50
~ Edit: Final Cut Pro. Or one take in camera with trimming or KineMaster.
~ Computer: MacBook Pro.
~ Backup. 2 external USB drives in a manual raid for off-camera backups. Time machine, iCloud, Google Drive.
~ Tripods: Joby or DigiPower
~ Microphones: PowerDeWise lav. Old AKG C 1000 S.

~ Put up videos consistently. Life is full of opportunities to share and perfect is the enemy of done. Just do it and move on. Few artists succeed with little created work. ~ Success is a lot of luck, and luck favors the prolific and prepared.
~ This is my hobby. I like to do it. It’s easy for me to get sucked into just going for views, but it’s toxic if I only make videos for that reason.
Find some mentors on YouTube that you follow and comment on their videos. I like Fully Charged, Casey Neistat, ALF the Australian Lego Fan, and NatGeo.
~ The biggest struggle I have is staying on a theme that viewers can count on.
~ I’m trying to not change who I am to get hits.
~ I spend time on keywords, the right naming of content, and research on what is hot on YT
~ There’s a plot and a subplot. The subplot is KEY. You may be reviewing a coffee cup, but you also need something else going on, like a cat being cute.
~ Create a pattern to every video. Start with great clip, establishing shot, etc.
~ Use upload defaults. Fill the description with information.
~ Thumbnail content needs to be a frame from the actual video. No cheating, so you’re not selling an empty promise. Graphics may be ok.
~ Thumbnail editing: I use the Preview app on a Mac or TubeBuddy. I crop to 16×9, then over-saturate the colors, sharpen and brighten, and over contrast.
~ Keep and backup masters of all uploads.

Thanks for watching and reading!