A Decent Monopoly Live Strategy – Backing 2's and 2 Rolls Bonus Game

Simon from the Best Sports Betting podcast came up with an interesting Monopoly Live strategy where you back only 2 different wheel segments, 2 and 2 rolls for 0.5 units on 2 and 1 units on the 2 rolls on the Monopoly Live Wheel.

The idea of the strategy is to go for the 2 rolls bonus game while using the 2 as a buffer against loses. The 2 is better to go for than 1 as there are 21 1’s on the wheel, paying even, while there are 15 2’s that pay double! So if you don’t hit 2 rolls you’ll break even on a 2. So it seems like 2 is the number to back as it comes up often and pays better than 1.

I decided to test this strategy out during some live game play with small stakes. I had some good success in this video and am interested to find out what other tips and strategies punters are using to win at Monopoly Live. So if you have an interesting strategy or tips please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for tuning in to this video and for the support, I’ll catch you in the next one!

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