$34 DIY Giant Whiteboard Hack | How To Make A Custom Dry Erase Board On A Budget

How to make a cheap DIY giant dry erase whiteboard for under $35!

Hello Everyone!

I feel like I have just been throwing a bunch of DIY videos towards you guys lately! As mentioned in my previous video, we just moved from our temporary apartment to a house in Austin and have been busy trying to settle into our new home.

I am so excited because for the first time… EVER… I have my very own office space and have been trying to figure out how to set it up. A must-have for me in this new space is a place where I can write down everything I need to do and any ideas that I might have thought up during the day. I have a blank wall behind my desk that would be the perfect space for a giant whiteboard! Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how expensive giant dry erase boards are so I did my research and found this ingenious hack to make a massive 4′ x 8′ white board using white panel board from the hardware store for less than $35!

The Board I Bought:
*If you don’t have a truck or a way of transporting the board, you might be able to get the store to deliver it to you.

As I mentioned in my video, I did not come up with this DIY but got that idea after researching the topic and was inspired by other youtube videos. Here are some of the videos I watched before trying this out for myself:

• The original video I got the giant whiteboard idea from (September 7, 2009):
• Another really great video (January 16, 2016):
• Using mirror mount & plastic bracket trims (January 26, 2017):

There are a lot of people who have posted videos of this tutorial in the past, just to cover my bases, I went out and tried to find as many of these videos as I can to link to so that I am not accused of stealing the “original” video. I do not know who the very first person who came up with this video is but I am definitely not claiming to be the first:
• sayhijames (December 15, 2009)-
• Jay Bates – Woodworking Videos (Oct 20, 2013)-
• Dustin Kantu (March 15, 2013)-
• Andrew V (January 17, 2017)-
• Cecil Marche TV (August 17, 2014)-

Watch this video to see how I made my own custom whiteboard!

Also, if you have a whiteboard or dry erase board that is losing its smoothness, check out
How I Renew My Whiteboards for a Smoother Surface:

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